Continuous Auditing based Certification: A process that will bring continuous assurance by addressing the lack of regularity and proactivity of traditional “point-in-time” certifications.

Adopting cloud computing means trusting another party with the security and privacy of your data. Concerns about lacking security, privacy and regulatory requirements hinder cloud adoption, especially for customers working with highly sensitive data. Third-party certification and attestation play a key part in a cloud assurance program, but they don’t go far enough. Traditional point-in-time auditing doesn't completely allay fears, due to, amongst other things, lapse of time between audits and lack of automation.

The EU-SEC project’s solution is to adopt a Continuous Auditing based Certification for cloud services.

The project “European Security Certification Framework” (EU-SEC) aims to create a European framework for certification schemes and evaluation concepts to secure cloud infrastructures. Within this framework, existing national and international certifications can co-exist. EU-SEC will improve the business value as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of existing cloud security certification schemes. The EU-SEC project aims to contribute to the trustworthiness, security and compliance of cloud infrastructures.

What is Continuous Auditing based Certification and why is it important?

Who benefits from Continuous Auditing based certification?