Joining forces to fight cyber crime

Niki Klaus, Business Leader, Certification Services at Nixu, gave a presentation at the European Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigators Conference (ECCFI) this month. The presentation covered different security standards and also introduced EU-SEC’s cloud security activities. Niki also talked about public-private partnership in the field and cyber-crime involving ransomware.

Take a look at the project’s presentation Continuous Auditing Based Certification and white paper on Multi-Party Recognition for Cloud Security Certifications on to find out more EU-SEC’s activities.

About the ECCFI

ECCFI is a non-profit association with the important goal of promoting cyber security in Europe, especially secure payment methods. In addition to cyber security, the purpose is to assure online security by bringing together different authorities as well as the private sector security professionals.

The organisation regularly organises events, such as the one attended by Nixu, to bring together law enforcement and private sector bodies to share experiences on how to fight fraud and cyber-crime.

About Nixu

Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Partnering with clients, the company provides practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy access to digital services and data protection. Nixu is a key partner in the EU-SEC project, providing important contributions to both the Multi-Party Recognition Framework and Continuous Auditing Based Certification.

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