Workshop on European Security Certification

Join the Workshop on European Security Certification in Brussels on September 10, 2018 (DIGITALEUROPE Offices, 14(A) Rue de la Science, 1000 Brussels).

The HORIZON 2020 European Security Certification (EU-SEC) project will provide first results for a multi-party recognition framework for cloud services. Together with DIGITALEUROPE we will introduce the project, the policy work in DIGITALEUROPE and the European Cyber Security Strategy.

The main objective of EU-SEC is to develop a framework for the multi-party recognition between existing cloud security schemes (such as ISO27001, SOC 2, CSA STAR, BSI C5), and other national schemes or requirements applicable to cloud security. Many of these compliance schemes have overlapping requirements. To integrate them into a comprehensive multi-party recognition framework will streamline the compliance efforts.

The aim of this workshop is to reflect the achievements and progress of the EU-SEC project and discuss with key stakeholders on the mutual recognition between cloud compliance schemes.

The workshop is divided into 3 parts:

1. A high level overview of policy action regarding a European Cyber Security Framework

2. The achievements reached by the EU-SEC project. Presentations of pilots that were executed as part of the framework validation as well as use cases for the hands-on application of the framework. The use cases will be presented from different points of view by the auditors and auditees that were involved in the pilot project execution to showcase the framework’s practical relevance and application.

3. A panel discussion on multiparty recognition framework involving stakeholders to participate in the discussion

Who should participate? Whether you are Cloud User, Cloud Service Provider, a Scheme Owner or an Auditor – your contribution and input is highly appreciated.

• As Cloud User: benefit from facilitated comparability of cloud service’s security level

• As Cloud Service Provider: reduce your compliance cost by reducing audit efforts

• As Scheme owner and authority: have your compliance scheme integrated in EU-SEC.

• As Auditor: Use the framework to facilitate audits and optimise your client’s service experience.

More information regarding the registration follow soon!