With the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles, the need for further development of cyber security in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly important. The 2nd Annual Automotive Cyber Security Forum provided an overview of how the entire vehicle environment in today's digital age can be secured and an integrated end-to-end IT security concept for vehicle communication can be developed. Participants from Fraunhofer FOKUS, Volvo, Infineon, Vodafone and Thales discussed their approaches for a secure and trustworthy infrastructure for networked vehicles.

Jürgen Grossman, Senior Scientist and Project Manager from Fraunhofer FOKUS as well as Project Coordinator for EU-SEC, presented a training session “Security Certification for Future Automotive Cloud Architectures”. In his presentation, he highlighted the need for cloud security certification to enable trusted infrastructures for connected and automated vehicles. He introduced the main concepts, principles, and objectives of the EU-SEC Framework including Multi Party Recognition as well as Continuous Auditing Based Certification and highlighted their significance for the European automotive industry. This event provided great exposure for the project and gave the opportunity to explain the benefits and way of working to an audience of industry-leaders, car manufacturers, suppliers, experts and entrepreneurs.

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