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EU-SEC Workshop on Continuous Auditing Certification EU-SEC

Following the success of our first awareness workshop in Brussels, EU-SEC has planned another workshop in Barcelona on 9 April 2019.

About the event

This workshop revolves around the project’s proposal for adopting Continuous Auditing based Certification scheme for Cloud Services. Concerns about security, and privacy and regulatory requirements are known to hinder cloud adoption. Traditional point-in-time auditing doesn't completely allay fears, due, amongst other things, to lapse of time between audits and lack of automation.

This Workshop shows how an organization can perform a Continuous Auditing based Certification which will allow it to retrieve the state of the applied controls in an automated and near real time way, maintaining a sound set of methods and tools. Furthermore, it will show the technical architecture proposed to provide this service, its preliminary testing and evaluation already undertaken and the different approaches deployed in the framework of EU-SEC project

The workshop is already SOLD OUT, but if you would like to get in touch or sign up for project updates we will keep you informed of project activities. A series of workshops and training sessions has been planned for 2019 so there will be more chances to learn about Continuous Auditing Certification.

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